• darin wilson

    pianist | improvisor | composer




Solo piano improvisations

Artwork by Prisca Schmarsow



An in-studio jam session

Featuring Steve Uccello and Jake Wood

Artwork by LP Ponor

Still Time

An electrified funky good time

Featuring Brendan Neutra and Jovan "J1" Coleman

Artwork by Paul Ivey


"Long Way Home"

Partnership for a Drug-Free America

"Pot Roast"

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

"Bad News"


"Gun Fight"

Golden State Warriors

"Almost Famous"

Pete's Wicked Ale


I am a pianist, composer, and wide-eyed observer of the creative process. This site has recordings of my music, and sometimes my ramblings about art and art-making. I currently reside in beautiful Sonoma County, CA.

For more information, including ways to contact me, please see the contact section below.

Close-up photo of old piano keys
Close of photo of exposed piano hammers

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My music is available for purchasing, streaming, and whatnot in all the usual places. See links below.

Want to use one of my tracks in a project? I love to collab! Reach out and let me know what you have in mind.

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