Song-A-Day 2011 : Here We Go Again

It’s that time of year again. And so soon.

I am once again taking part in the February madness known as Song-A-Day, in which participants write, record and upload a new song each day throughout the month. How hard could that be?? Ha.

When I wrote about this last year, I had some clear goals that I wanted to accomplish with the exercise. This year my aspirations are not quite so lofty. I’m keeping more of an open attitude and seeing it more as creative boot camp: just something that forces me to show up to work each day and see what happens.

I’m also aiming to keep it things little simpler this year. It’s easy to get caught up in the arrangement and recording production, but I’d really like to try to make those secondary concerns this year, and instead focus on the composition itself. That might mean much simpler arrangements, but that seems like a reasonable trade-off.

But who can tell? If there’s one thing I learned from last year it’s that anything can happen, and when you’re up against such a strict deadline, you don’t have too much time to second-guess yourself. You’ve really just got to go with the flow.

Above all, I’m looking forward to what the other folks create. I was knocked out by some of the tunes people posted last year, and it really helped to keep me inspired. The experience is challenging enough that it fosters a strong community among the musicians. We’re all doing a tough thing together, and rely on each other for support and inspiration. It’s a pretty nice place to be, actually.

Wanna follow the fun? The main site is here and there are handy links to RSS feeds and the iTunes podcast. Enjoy!

But…uh…keep on open mind…


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