A sampling of various tunes I’ve written over the years:


Impromptu | An in-studio jam session

Still Time | A little jazzy, a little funky. Heavy on the Rhodes…

Singles: Electronicker | This is an open-ended album of one-offs, experiments, and other electronic flights-of-fancy. I add new tracks from time to time.

Singles: Solo Piano | This is another open-ended album featuring tracks for solo piano.

Film Scores

Office Furniture
Director: Chris Brown
Producer: Rebecca Salzer
Daily Specials
Director: Rebecca Salzer & Svetlana Cvetko
Producer: Rebecca Salzer


Golden State Warriors
Pot Roast
San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art
Long Way Home
Partnership For A Drug-Free America
Almost Famous
Pete’s Wicked Ale
Bad News


These are instrumental arrangements that I contributed to songs written by other folks.

Carlos (written and performed by Blaise Smith)
I love writing for string quartet whenever I get the chance, so I was very happy when Blaise asked me to add strings to this song. This is from his first album.

Hallucinations (written and performed by Kimberly Dragonfly)
Another string quartet arrangement, this time for Kimberly’s debut album.
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